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5 ways to build a sustainable beauty regime

5 ways to build a sustainable beauty regime
Opt for beauty brands that create products with reusable or recyclable packaging

Unknowingly, the grooming and beauty routines hurt the environment. It has become a burning topic today to protect our environment by making definitive and informed choices about the food we intake and the various skin-care products that we use. There are many ways that you can contribute to making your beauty regime more eco-friendly. Ruchita Acharya, founder of a sustainable beauty content platform, which talks about green, clean and sustainable beauty, shares some time tested hacks to make beauty regimes more environment friendly.
Recycle containers
Recycling is a major part of sustainable development. You can easily contribute by recycling your empty bottles and containers of your shampoo or face serums. Ensure that their packaging can be recycled so you can make use of them at home. While shopping, make sure you opt for products that have environmentally friendly packaging, so you can recycle them in future.

Cut back on wasteOne of the best ways to be more sustainable is you cut back on waste. Make sure the products are really empty before you open a new bottle and you can easily minimize the usage of beauty products as per their necessity.

Opt for biodegradable products
You can swap for more biodegradable products like cotton swabs made of bamboo instead of those made of plastic. Make sure to buy more eco-friendly products and prefer those with a longer reusability life instead of using products that can only be used once and then go into thrash.
Though companies are more focused on reducing the testing of skin care products on animals, you can make an effort too. You can use makeup brushes and applicators that are made of sustainable products like bamboo. Hairbrushes that use real animal hairs should be avoided, instead, you can use synthetic brushes.

Buy products based on their formulation ingredients

Make sure that before you buy any new product, you go through their ingredients section. Opt for products that are made of natural and organic ingredients like products made of algae and marine extracts. Similarly, make sure to not products made of microplastics and petroleum derivatives.

Stainless steel razors

The razors that we use generally are made of plastic and are disposable after a few usages. You can swap these razors for stainless steel razors because they can be used multiple times, sometimes, they can ever last a lifetime. All you need to do is change the metal blades and the old ones can easily be recycled.